Protect yourself – Before penetrating, look for a condom (if it is your protective choice). You can even run your partner, a move that is sexy so that you do not meet such a thing in homemade porn. When you know you are protected from STIs and you become pregnant, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable. You can focus on what is happening and not on worries about the consequences.

Use lube – Lube makes a different world when it comes to sex. Even if you are fully activated, lube can ease the initial penetration. The slippery and slippery things ease the discomfort during the throw and let you stay comfortable as long as sex continues.

You can apply lube again if you need to. For an extra feeling, a puff of lubricant inside a condom feels good for men!

Initiate – Grabbing a condom shows you want sex. Undressing or taking off your partner’s clothes and ironing them is a great way to initiate sex whenever you want, and your partner will definitely appreciate it. Several studies find that women initiate sex less often than men. However, women take more initiatives than they once did, according to a study. So turning the script around could inspire fresh air in your sex life.

Show enthusiasm – Another important aspect of good sex is enthusiasm. Take a look, smile. Reach out and touch your partner, continuing to use your whole body for pleasure. You can try dirty discussions to let him know how much you like him or what you want him to do.

Find out how to talk dirty without embarrassment.

He muttered breathlessly in his ear. These noises encourage your partner (you can even let him know when you want to cum!) And massage his ego.

Whatever you do, don’t just sit there!

Take control – Many men believe that there is nothing hotter than when their partners take control. Turn it over so that it is at the bottom and ride it, using it for your pleasure until orgasm. Stick your arms over your head. Hold your head in place as it descends on you.

Stay tuned – If you like many women, you may have trouble staying tuned. You may even complete monitoring of what is happening and evaluate your performance or aspects. This is sometimes known as the spectator.

It is easier said than done to stop this. In fact, simply telling yourself to stop will only lead to more judgment.

Instead, focus on how things feel. Close your eyes if it helps. If you have a fun thought, watch it. Then let her go. Redirect your attention to what is happening. The more you do this, the more it will become second nature.

It is part of a process known as mindfulness, and practicing it can increase sexual satisfaction and pleasure for women. It might even help you learn how to how.

Ask for what you need – When having sex for your own pleasure and not just for your partner, you may need to ask for what you want, whether it’s a specific activity, a particular technique, or simply an adjustment (harder , softer, faster, slower) left etc). Fortunately, a breathless request often does the trick without taking you out of the moment.

If you have been tasked, you can place this order or simply move your hand, head or cock wherever you want.

It can help you notify your partner before you even take off your clothes. Because talking about sex can be difficult and challenging, you may want to read our sexual communication guide.

Switching positions – Few people want to stay in the same position during sex (although, it’s okay if you do. Just let your partner know what you need!). There are so many positions to try to keep things fresh. Doggie style can stimulate your G-spot, Cowgirl puts you in control, Tighia Tide offers clitoral stimulation and you can try dozens of other positions just for something new or different sensations.