Project Manager at Realcube Technology will act as a liaison between Clients, and our Engineering team. After testing deliverables of team, Project Manager will demonstrate it to client, and communicate feedback or scope changes collected from client to development team. By tracking daily progress of team, Project Manager calculate cost of development, and allocate tasks to team members while optimizing cost of project.
If you're interested in this position please send your resume and salary expectations to [email protected]

Job Roles

a. Project/Practice Management
  • Identifies resources needed and assigns individual responsibilities.
  • Reviews deliverables prepared by team before passing to client.
  • Manages day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope.
  • Effectively applies our methodology and enforces project standards.
  • Ensures project documents & tasks are complete, current, and stored appropriately
b. Project Accounting
  • Tracks and reports team hours and expenses on a weekly basis.
  • Manages project budget
  • Determines appropriate revenue recognition, ensures timely and accurate invoicing, and monitors receivables for project.
  • Follows up with clients, when necessary, regarding unpaid invoices.
  • Analyzes project profitability, revenue, margins, bill rates and utilization.
c. Resource Management
  • Manage priorities of developers, taking into account priority of clients
  • Follow up with team-members on milestones
  • Identify unallocated hours of team members, & allocating them to tasks allocated to busy team-members
  • Measure & report actual time spent vs time quoted by team members

Core Competencies

Technical Understanding
  • Tests deliverables as an organized Software Tester, and as end-user
  • Possesses general understanding in the areas of application programming, database and system design, front end development
  • Possesses a thorough understanding of our technical capabilities
  • Maintains awareness of new and emerging technologies
  • Express change of scope in project in unambigious way to developers
  • Resolves and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion.
  • Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully
If you're interested in this position please send your resume and salary expectations to [email protected]

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